Tululoo Game Maker

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Easily create HTML5 video games



Tululoo Game Maker is the perfect way to create online video games based on HTML5, the Internet standard thanks to its versatility and compatibility, regardless of the platform.

The app's interface is similar to that of other simplified video game creators, and everything is very visual and clear. You can import and organize the elements of your project in different sections, such as sprites, sounds or objects with predefined behaviors.

Even though the app is fairly straightforward, you will need to have a basic understanding of programming in order to work with the tool, since Tululoo Game Maker has its own editor with simple syntax for high-level commands. This means that you'll be able to work with a wide range of predefined functions as you use code to define what you want the program to do. You won't have to waste time creating complex algorithms to carry out simple tasks, like making a sprite move in one direction when you press a certain key.

You can export sounds and images in an endless number of formats. The app also includes several accessories to carry out certain tasks for you, including a collision engine for sprites, supports for graphical tilesets to draw scenes, real-time object creation, and supports for touch controls.

Tululoo Game Maker is completely free, so you'll have all of these great functions at your disposal at no cost. You can harness all the potential of HTML5 language without having to start programming from zero.